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Should You Control Your Sweet Tooth?

Having a 'sweet-tooth' is often viewed as a negative trait. Most people aim to control their cravings for sweets in various ways, but often this approach fails them. If you're struggling with feeling controlled by sweets, here's a different approach which can help.


With Intuitive Eating, you relearn how to trust yourself with all foods, knowing that no food is truly good or bad (no fine print or stipulations there). It’s just not that simple.


When people ask me, how do they control their sweet tooth or cut back on the sweets or sugar in their diet, they often don’t expect an answer like...have you tried just eating it and seeing what happens?  


Diet culture has taught us that we can be trusted with foods, especially the “bad” foods like sugar. 


In reality, this mentality actually backfires for many people because the more you tell yourself you can’t or shouldn’t have it, the more you actually want it.  


What may actually help you feel more “in control” and “normal” around sweets, is if you start to build upon repeated exposures with the food in order to create what is called the Habituation Response


To become habituated with something means the longer you are exposed to it, the less novelty and intrigue you experience from that thing. 


This is possible to experience with food, but a key component of building this response, is to have mental permission. With mental permission, there aren’t any conditions attached with eating the food i.e. you don’t have to burn it off or earn it. Your sense of self-worth doesn’t change at all with eating the food either. 


Does this mean that after you build this response, you’ll no longer crave sweets? 




However, with building this response, the food will no longer have such a hold over you and you’ll learn to trust yourself with eating and be able to go on with your day without thinking twice about it. 


Want more help with developing a healthy, drama-free relationship with food? Apply to work 1:1 with me here!

Photo above is by Brook Lark on Unsplash


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