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My name is Emily (she/her) and I'm a non-diet, weight-inclusive registered dietitian. I love helping people reframe their mindset around food and health so they can live a life free of dieting and full of their true values! I take a compassionate and collaborative approach to working with someone and really listen to what my client is telling me. 


I've learned through counseling clients that dieting to lose weight just doesn't work. There is so much guilt, shame and blame that comes with the dieting mindset. I never want to put that on someone. I've always loved food and having the passion of sharing food with others led me to become a dietitian. My own journey with food has had it's ups and downs, but when I discovered Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size®, everything finally clicked for me! 


I am the host of the live show "It's Just a Cookie! Helping you reframe your mindset on food, health and your body" on Youtube and Facebook. In the live show, I share tips and discuss with other Health at Every Size Practitioners topics which help you find a healthier relationship with food.  See the latest recording below and the other episodes on my Youtube channel!


When I'm not working, I love to cook, hike outdoors, listen to music and podcasts, and try new restaurants. Spoiling my cat, Penny, is also a hobby of mine. Reach out to to connect!

My favorite foods are Tacos and Pizza! You deserve to enjoy your favorite foods free from guilt and shame!
A short synopsis to answer the questions I get asked most, "what do you do" and "how do you help people"? Find me on TikTok @TrueBeing_RD for tips on making peace with food and your body.
My cat, Penny, with all her food-related toys!
Being active outdoors and enjoying nature brings me so much joy. I'd love to help you find joy in moving your body!

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Check out the latest episode of my live show here!
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