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"Embracing Intuitive Eating has finally allowed me to quit the diet and bingeing cycle and to shush that nagging voice in my head telling me what I should or shouldn't eat and how much I should exercise.  Through our work together, she has helped me to challenge and change decades old habits and patterns of thought that brought more harm than good physically and mentally.  Working with Emily and embracing the principles of Intuitive Eating have given me a new freedom in my life; I can eat a variety of satisfying foods and choose forms of movement that bring me joy and pride.  I am experiencing healing: my body is healing from all the damage of dieting, my soul is healing from the negative messaging I grew accustomed to, and my mind is healing its relationship with food and exercise.  I am no longer a slave to the scale or calorie counting apps.  I'm gaining confidence in who I am, which is much more than a number of a pair of jeans or a label attached to my BMI.  

Getting here was a long, and sometimes tough journey, but Emily was patient and always gentle.  She gave me space to reflect and encouraged me to embrace new ways of thinking about food and movement.  She helped me dig deep to the root of my thinking and behaviors.  Through our work she even helped me to break some of the damaging cycles that have persisted in my family for generations!  She gave me the tools and encouragement to face my fears about Intuitive Eating.  She took a holistic approach that has had a ripple effect in improving other areas of my life, too.  

If you're looking for a dietitian to help you lose weight or stay accountable to a certain number of calories, Emily is not your girl.  But if you're looking for someone to help you challenge that nagging voice in your head, someone to help you rediscover the joy of eating and food, someone to help you break the diet and / or binge cycles in your life, someone to encourage you to engage in healthy movement, and someone to lead you to a better life, well then, EMILY IS YOUR GIRL!  If you're not ready to do all that, but you find yourself curious about Intuitive Eating and / or Health At Every Size, then bring your questions to Emily."  
"When I first started working with Emily I thought I desperately had to change my eating habits to get thin and in shape. This continued for several months and I found myself being exceptionally hard on myself. I was trying to make myself “better” and it was hurting me more than helping me. Emily noticed how all of this was making me feel which, in my opinion, is a rarity among dietitians and nutritionists. 

Upon noticing my frustrations, Emily was supportive and she offered different concepts that she had familiarized herself with. I noticed her knowledge went well beyond the textbooks she studied in college and she was very perceptive to people’s needs. We had tried working on several concepts. It was a very fluid and enjoyable process as she allowed me to fumble through new ideas at the same time teaching me things about myself I never knew.

We both came to the conclusion that I was never happy when I ate. Satisfied? Sure. Full? Of course. Happy? No. Eating always felt like a punishment. It was always a struggle as I told myself “you should eat this” and “you shouldn’t eat that”. I also was exercising to lose weight and punishing myself for not meeting my goals. I was beating myself up just to start an exercise routine and beating myself up if I didn’t. 

When Emily introduced me to Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size, we finally hit the nail on the head. When she first brought it up to me I thought she was joking. “You mean I can eat anything I want?” and her answer was “yes”. She showed me the book and I was keen on reading it (and I am not a “reader”). Every meeting we would discuss principles from the book and how I can apply it to my own life and feelings. I can recall the first day I told her I had a slice of pizza and I finally ENJOYED EVERY SINGLE BITE. I had realized it wasn’t about only the pizza, it was about my surroundings, my company, and giving myself permission to enjoy eating for once. Since then I have a new found joy in eating the foods I love without labeling them good or bad. I’ve learned to eat intuitively so I am aware when I’m satisfied, not full. I’ve become aware when I’m hungry and I honor that hunger. I’ve stopped eating to relieve stress. Instead I exercise and find other activities to relieve my stress. 

Since 2012 I have been a marathon runner, consistent exercise fanatic, and notorious calorie counter. After a series of personal events I noticed stresses building in my life that started to affect my health so I decided to take steps to make myself better. To this day I am grateful beyond words that I started working with Emily. Emily did not lead me on this journey but, rather she stood alongside me and guided me on my journey to find my love for myself and my own body. The journey is certainly not over and I still look to her for her guidance which is the most invaluable thing anyone can acquire."
- John
"I have been an emotional eater in the past, and have always thought that my body was too large regardless of my size. I grew up with a mother unable to accept her body as well. I had been working on these issues, but experienced a serious setback without any obvious cause. I suddenly was saying nasty things to myself and hating everything I saw in the mirror, that's when I started seeing Emily. 

I'm most proud of the kindness and compassion that I now have for myself. And the ability to really work through judgmental thoughts that cross my mind without causing myself more stress. My biggest takeaway is that nobody is perfect. And there isn't a fixed solution to everything, but showing myself compassion, asking myself "why", just listening to my body and not society will help me continue to feel better each day."
"I have been on so many diets in my lifetime. When starting my next new diet I would always feel a sense of hope and control with my eating. Inevitably, something would happen and I would get derailed which would make my eating spiral out of control again and I would feel awful about myself. I just didn't know how to eat anymore and I couldn't trust myself around food at all. I turned to working with Emily to help me find a better sense of how and what to eat, but what I found was so much more! When she introduced me to Intuitive Eating, it was so surprising to hear that what I was going through were the side effects from dieting! I feel so much better now and I am able to eat with so much more peace and joy! I never thought I'd be able to eat foods like bread, pasta, and pizza on a regular basis and not feel guilty or out of control when eating them! I am realizing the way I talk to myself matters too and I am learning how to respect my body more and more!"
"I feel like I’m kinder to myself and my hunger. I usually ignore what I want and shame myself if I want something that’s not entirely healthy. But lately, I’ve been thinking about what my body really wants to eat, what’s satisfying, what level of hunger I feel, and giving myself options—including previously banned foods—rather than completely denying myself  the things I want. It’s crazy! I never thought that actually having the foods I want in the house and allowing myself total freedom meant that my body would balance cravings on its own. I crave chocolate and mandarin. Carrots and chips. It feels like the more I become in-tune with my body the more I’m starting to trust it and the healthier my relationship with food is becoming. Food isn’t good or bad anymore, and I think I just needed someone to believe that I could have these foods around and have confidence that I would listen to my body, so thank you! I want to keep this up! "
"Before working with Emily, I never liked my body and was always comparing myself to others, because of that it caused me to restrict food, binge, then over exercise. I felt like I was a hamster on a wheel, with all the dieting and binging. I never thought it would be possible to have a neutral image of my body, I thought I was always going to dislike the way I looked, but now I don't really care what I look like. I have also started eating more and eating what I want without judgement. My biggest takeaway is people comment on your body because they are insecure, don't let their comments affect you."
"I had been introduced to the concept of intuitive eating nearly 17 years before I met Emily; however, I was not receptive to it and had made up my mind to pursue weight loss surgery instead. I lost a significant amount of weight after the surgery but gained most of the weight back over the last decade. A month prior to meeting Emily, I had made a conscious decision to never diet again.I had researched the HAES concept and intuitive eating, reading everything I could find on the subject, but felt interaction with a health practitioner would help me to more fully get comfortable with my decision.

Since working with Emily, I have a newfound sense of freedom around food. I never realized before that for nearly 40 years, food has occupied far too many of my thoughts throughout my days. I have been hopping from one diet or dieting fad to the next, counting calories, restricting certain foods, and the scale has determined when I would have a good or bad day. I was hungry and unhappy unless I was on a binge  and then I was ashamed. I no longer log every bite of food that goes into my mouth or weigh myself weekly anymore and there is no food that is off limits except kiwi (allergic) and milk (lactose intolerant). With the freedom to eat whatever I want whenever I want, there is no longer any urgency to fiercely control food. I eat when hungry and stop when full and I enjoy both preparing and eating my meals.

My biggest takeaway is that diets don’t work for me and I do not have to be controlled by any food or special exercise plan again. My weight is not the root cause of every problem that I have and I no longer have to accept that the only road to health and happiness for me is through successfully completing the latest diet trend. I am slowly becoming much more comfortable in my own body. It is fat and has certain aches and pains but I love it and am grateful for every day that I wake up and draw breath."
"Prior to working with Emily, I was very insecure about my body and struggled with disordered eating.  I would restrict certain foods and then binge. I also spent way too much time worrying about what my body looked like. I’m most proud of how far I’ve come in terms of not restricting my diet and eating a wide variety of foods. I’ve also been more in touch with my hunger levels and eat when my body needs it. My biggest takeaway is that my worth is not tied to what my body looks like or what diet I’m on."
"I didn't know what I should be eating - I was tired of constantly fighting to follow a strict regime that didn't even make me happy. I wanted guidance. Now I can say I'm most proud that I've been able to stay on track. I had fears at the start, but we powered through and I learned a lot. My biggest takeaway was that a lot of my overeating was actually coming from undereating, which was a surprise. I am starting to understand how an average person eats without it either taking over their life or forcing themselves into austerity."
"Emily is absolutely amazing! She literally changed my life in less than 12 weeks time. She taught me how to look at myself in ways I hadn't thought of before. She taught me to take a one day at a time approach and gave me tools to help me succeed. I don't look at food or myself with anxiety and negativity anymore and it's given me so much peace. My biggest takeaway is that your relationship with food is so much more mental than I thought it ever was. I have learned that the grace I was so willing to give other people, I needed to not forget to give myself some too. Emily is kind, smart and non- judgmental. She makes you feel seen and heard, she is a complete blessing and I am so glad I found her."
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